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Learn how to improve rapidly and approach the test with confidence so you can progress to the next level.


Use our proven system and 1 on 1 coaching to ensure you can deliver in the top 5% of applicants.

Psychological Profiling Test

Learn what the services are looking at with the profiling, work safety & talent screener tests so you can approach the test with confidence. Understand the desired traits as well as the traits they want to avoid.

Physical Aptitude

Rapidly improve your physical ability without wasting time, energy and money on things that don't work


Use my simple system to understand what to include and how to ensure you get the best version of "You" across to the recruiters so you can progress without worrying if you have done the right things

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A combination of targeted courses, service specific resources and 1 on 1 coaching to ensure success

Strategic Gameplan

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When you join, get direct access to me, Brent. Our proven systems and experts so that you get the absolute best of everything on your journey towards becoming a professional firefighter in Australia.

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Success Again – Kyle Lands A Job With Air Services ARFF

“I definitely recommend Brent’s products for anyone wanting to develop the necessary skills required for the fire service”

"I found Brent’s website very useful and it offered me exactly what I was struggling to find. His products helped improve and develop my skills in spatial, mechanical and verbal reasoning.

These are the skills and traits that helped me to get into the fire service. I definitely recommend Brent’s products for anyone wanting to develop the necessary skills required for the fire service”.

Kyle van Heerden – Aviation  Firefighter


My name is Brent Clayton and I am an active Firefighter.

Since becoming a Firefighter I have developed a massive interest in the Fire Service Recruitment and Selection Process and have been working on thoroughly learning how Fire Service Recruitment works since 2007, testing ways to help people get the edge over the competition and helping many people do exactly that.

Before becoming a firefighter I was also a Prison Guard for a number of years and in the military prior to that. All of these jobs require a developed knowledge of recruitment and selection process which I have masterd over the years being a successful applicant myself in areas where many fail.

Along the way I have also had the fortune of meeting and making friends with many recruitment and selection process professionals which has added to my knowledge when mentoring individuals and writing specific guides to help people reach thier goals in these areas.

  • Strategy
  • Application
  • Aptitude / Cognitive Improvement
  • Personality Profile & Work Safety / Talent Screener type tests
  • Physical Aptitude Test Improvement
  • Interview - Fire Service Interview Specialist
  • Coaching To Improve Results


I recently started working with Trent Maxwell from NSW in my One On One Coaching , He had previously tried for 5 years in a row unsuccessfully

He sent me this video to put on my website while we were working together.

You will notice Trent in the next picture with his letter of offer from Fire & Rescue NSW

I look forward to seeing Trent’s next video in his new uniform.




Here is Trent looking proud with his offer of employment from Fire and Rescue NSW