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You are about to embark on an educational journey that will forever change the way you view yourself as a fire service applicant.

With this new awareness, you will become aware of where you may have been falling down and exactly where you may need to improve and then how Exactly to do this.

You have more power available to you than you realize and that you can learn to wield it constructively.

You’ve definitely come to the right place if you are an aspiring Firefighter or current applicant about to embark on the Fire Service recruitment Process.

Fire service Recruitment is Competitive

Did you know that only 4% of applicants get onto a fire service recruit course each year. That is an average across Australia at BEST sometimes it is only the top 1 or 2% depending on state and service.

Most people that fail, fail due to silly mistakes, not preparing correctly & not learning how to communicate there skills and attributes effectively. It is upsetting to see good people missing out due to a lack of preparation and good information but it still happens and will continue to happen to those that don’t.

I want to share with you my experiences and insider knowledge to make sure you come inside the 4% mark or better, I genuinely enjoy hearing from those that I have personally helped not only get a new career but ultimately change there whole life. I know it sounds a bit cheesy but have a think about it, it is no ordinary job.

My Personal Experience With Fire Service Recruitment In Australia

I remember when I started out applying for the Fire Service how frustrating it was waiting long periods for testing and to hear results.

The first time I applied I failed at the first hurdle, this is what it took to show me that I needed to do some research and preparation, In the end it cost me over 12 months waiting which I could have avoided, my skills and attributes had not changed the second time I had just learned what it was I was doing incorrectly and the specific changes I needed to make when approaching the process for the second time.

Now that I have been a Firefighter for 6 years and worked in many different areas within the Fire service including recruitment & firefighter training I understand clearly, exactly what it takes get in.

Things To Avoid

The top 5 mistakes that people make that prevent them from being recruited or passing all the various tests.

Not understanding the organisation that they are applying for.
Having a lack of knowledge of the role of a Firefighter.
Missing the benchmark for aptitude/ Psychometric testing.
Not knowing the process and the steps for success at each stage –This is one of the most simple to correct if you have a plan to follow and the resources and tips along the way
Psychometric profiling – many people fail this for a few simple reasons. I explain these in simple terms in the “Fire Service Recruitment Guide – Secrets to success”.
Here’s What You’ll Learn With Our FREE Fire Recruitment Training Kit

Within the FREE Recruitment Kit I share with you ALL the most common mistakes people are continuing to make and show you what you can do to avoid these mistakes and increase your chances DRAMATICALLY !!! I will list just a few below.

Learn about Psychometric profiling and what it means
Pass the physical benchmarks with ease ( even if you think you are fit enough that is not always enough )
Interview tips – specifically for fire service recruitment
Aptitude testing, how to put yourself into the green area for fire service recruitment.
Application – tips on how to stand out and get in the top 4%.
I will share with you my 10 step guide to success, this is one of the best tools I have found to help people through the process as it gives a defined process to follow with a step-by-step tick sheet to help people from getting confused and lost. With so much information around in our modern lives it helps to separate what is important and necessary from things that consume your time and resources for perhaps no net result. I have seen this type of thing time and time again and I would like for you to avoid this type of time wasting and HIT were it really counts!!

As well as the 5 things I have mentioned above I will keep you updated with changes in the industry particularly things that may effect you during the recruitment process. I also share a number of insider tips with you that will help you get the edge over the large pool of competition you have and help you towards becoming part of the top percentile that will realise the outcome of becoming a firefighter.

Whatever you decide to do, I sincerely wish you the best in your persuits.