How to Pass the Queensland Physical Ability Testing

How to Pass the Queensland Physical Ability Testing

As a professional firefighter, the job is physically demanding and exceptional physical fitness is required. Since an emergency can happen anytime, a firey has to be physically ready all the time. This is the reason that fire services design the physical testing comprehensively with the aim to mimic tough emergency situations.


For the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, the physical ability testing is nothing less than any other fire service. It is comprised of a series of tests designed to weed out the weak ones.

However, in smashing the Queensland Physical Ability Testing (QPAT1), you need not be a professional athlete who has been doing fitness training all his life. What you need to do is learn about the flow of the test, understand what is required of you, and train hard and consistently based on this knowledge.

In this case, I made a video to give you an overview of the whole test. This knowledge is something you can relay to your physical trainer in case you have one or incorporate in your workout regimen.

Watch the video and hit the comment box below if you have questions.


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