Planning For Firefighter Recruitment 2016

firefighter recruitment 2016

Firefighter Recruitment 2016 – Top 3 Tips For Recruitment Planning Success

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Top 3 Tips for Firefighter recruitment in 2016

Just before I get into it, i just want to wish all of those the best of luck and fortune that are currently in a firefighter recruitment process at the moment and also those of you aspiring to be in the future, It really is a rewarding and worthwhile career and lifestyle you are persuing. So you can be sure all the hard work, waiting and effort you are putting in or about to put in is for a great goal.

Today i want to run you through what I experienced with firefighter recruitment in Australia in 2015 and a few tips on how I would approach firefighter recruitment in 2016 If I were in your position or the position of an aspiring fire service applicant.

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