Women in Firefighting: The Positives and Negatives

Firefighting isn’t easy, getting recruited as a firefighter is even harder, and women in firefighting getting recruited is probably the hardest single day challenge a person can face.

You don’t believe me? Only 2% of firefighters in Australia are women. The statistics aren’t much better in the rest of the world either. The US is similar to Australia at 2%. The best country’s stats I could find were in the UK, where 4% of firefighters are women. The numbers aren’t high anywhere in the world, and just getting recruited is only one example of the challenges women in firefighting have to face.

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Success Again – Firefighter Recruitment Dream Realised

Success Again – Firefighter Recruitment Dream Realised

Hi Guys, I wanted to share this one with you particularly because of the age of this guy. He is Only 20 years old and by following my process to success he has had success with firefighter recruitment.

I am very proud to hear from people in this situation as I have helped them acheive their goal in becoming a professional firefighter.

Read below for inspiration and the relisation that this can be done even if you are only young.

“Hi Brent Just letting you know that my son was accepted into the Fire Brigade thanks to your very helpful book.

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The ACT Fire Recruitment Campaign Faces Difficulties in Attracting Women

The ACT fire recruitment efforts have been highlighting the need for gender diversity in their ranks. A diverse group of people can attack problems from different angles. Among other benefits, at a good level of diversity, improved perspective, safety, and efficiency are afforded active teams.

Statistics show as little as 2% of firefighters are women. Obviously, more than 2% of women are capable but many feel excluded from the “boys club” that the average person thinks of when they think of firefighters.

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Success Again – Kyle Lands A Job With ARFF

“I definitely recommend Brent’s products for anyone wanting to develop

the necessary skills required for the fire service”

firefighter recruitment australia

” I found Brent’s website very useful and it offered me exactly what I was struggling to find. His products helped improve and develop my skills in spatial, mechanical and verbal reasoning.

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How To Get Higher Aptitude Scores And Save Time Doing It

Today’s topic is on Aptitude testing for fire service recruitment within Australia.

In particular ways to beat the aptitude test, increase your score and end up in the correct section of the bell curve to ensure you meet the benchmark and are selected to move to the next section of the selection process.

The best part about this is you learn how to get higher aptitude scores and save time doing it.

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