Learn More About Fire Fighter Jobs

Fire fighters are responsible for responding to structure fires, serious roadway accidents, forest fires, and natural disasters. They have extensive training in suppressing blazes and rescuing individuals from dangerous situations. Fire fighter jobs are rewarding on a personal level and provide many qualified individuals with a lucrative income. Read more

What You Can Expect From A Firefighting Job

If you are interested in the firefighting profession, it is important to become familiar with the entry standards as well as the employment conditions. In most territories in Australia, firefighter recruitments are done as needs arise. It is advisable to monitor the website of the fire service in your area for regular updates. Here is an overview of the general conditions you can expect from a firefighting job. Read more

What Types Of Tests Are Required In The NSWFB Firefighter Recruiting Process?

Applicants for the NSW Fire Brigade must move through a series of tests to determine their suitability. Understanding the stages of this firefighter recruiting process allows potential applicants to prepare both mentally and physically. From online assessments through to personal interviews and medical questionnaires, this process takes time and may require several attempts before receiving an offer of employment. Read more

Important Australia Firefighting Job Information

Firefighters have unique jobs. They sometimes are faced with dangerous situations and at the same time, can receive a great deal of career satisfaction. If you have ever thought about a firefighting job in Australia, this information may be very helpful.

There are two basic types of firefighters, full-time and retained. A retained position is part-time and you are used when needed. This is a good way to qualify for full-time. Read more

The Best Way To Become A Firefighter In Australia

The best way to become a firefighter in Australia

I came across this question amongst the emails I receive, to start with I thought it was a bit of a strange question but I am going to give you my insight on the best way to become a firefighter in Australia.

First things first, you will need to decide if you are willing to move or if you would need to get a career with a fire service within commuting distance from your current residential location. Read more

Is a Fire Service Job Really for You?

Is a Fire Service Job Really for You?

Firefighting, not just in Australia but
anywhere, isn?t all rescuing kittens from trees and rescuing grateful grannies
while women swoon over your display of bravery. Fire service jobs are very hard
work, and understanding the job before studying for the tests and applying for
the job will save you and others time and effort if you were to realize that it
wasn?t for you. Read more